Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, 4th Edition (TONI-4)


The TONI-4 offers an assessment of intelligence, aptitude, abstract reasoning, and problem solving. This language-free test is ideal for evaluating those with questionable or limited language ability, such as patients with ASD, CP, learning disabilities or language difficulties, neurological damage, brain injuries and more. The administration and response format are pragmatic with simple oral instructions, requiring test-takers to answer with simple but meaningful gestures such as pointing, nodding, or blinking. The TONI-4 provides two equivalent forms, thus permitting patient re-testing without having to use the same stimuli. The TONI-4 complete kit Includes: Examiner?s Manual, Picture Book, Critical Reviews and Research Findings (1982-2009), 50 Form A Answer Booklet and Record Forms, and 50 Form B Answer Booklet and Record Forms, all in a sturdy storage box.

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